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About Us

We are currently in an interregnum so do not have a vicar. However, we still have plenty of helpful priests helping out so do come and have a chat if you need to plan special life events.

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Please see our safeguarding information below: 

We are an extended community; with some who meet week by week (or when they can) to worship together on Sundays, and some who come and get involved in GraceSpace some who do both and yet others who join in for special times in the year (Christmas, Remembrance Day, christenings etc). 

No matter why and when you come it is wonderful that you are here: WELCOME

We hope to be a place to nurture spirit and soul. There are some things designed to help with deepening love and knowledge of Jesus and the Christian faith, other things that are designed to help those longing for a deeper spiritual connection in their lives, whether Christian or not.

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