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Langton Green Village Church

Our Facilities

Our Church has a range of facilities to suite your needs, some facilities are linked to the use of others so please look to the terms and conditions to ensure you get what you want from your use of our facilities.

This service is Presently Under maintenance until mid March, please DO NOT attempt to make any purchases through the site until this notification is removed. Thank you for your Patience.

grace space.jpg

Grace Space

Grace Space is a fantastic space for a manor of events requiring a bit more room. Hosting a large, spacious room with access to an outdoor patio as well as on site Kitchen and Bathroom facilities and arrangeable furniture, this space is perfect for any event no matter the size.

The Children's Chapel

The Children's Chapple is a medium sized room fit for a group of 5 - 15 people to move around in freely. Access to the on site bathroom may be requested upon booking at no further cost.

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