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Maundy Thursday

Kids Maundy Thursday: If you have time, I would really recommend you watch Moses, Prince of Egypt as this is the story behind the last supper (the story of the Passover) – the Passover meal is what Jesus was having when he took the cup and said ‘This is my blood shed for you’ and took the bread and broke it and said ‘this is my body broken for you’

Look Maundy Thursday: If you haven’t already done so, create a visual focus (see Palm Sunday for what this is) – today add a glass of wine (or juice) and a piece of bread to your focus. These represent the bread and wine that Jesus shared at The Last Supper – the origin of our celebration of the Eucharist

Think Maundy Thursday: A thoughtful reflection on the garden of gethsemane.

Sing Maundy Thursday: The King of Love my Shepherd is

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